mclain's market & bakery

McLain’s is an incredible local establishment here in Kansas City.  It’s roots date back to 1945.  It has grown to 3 locations in the last few years, and each of them is beautifully designed.  They needed a website that was indicative of the vision and personality of their business.

As we sat down to talk about what McLain’s was all about, we deciphered that it has always been purposely designed to be a very social place.  We needed to infuse that vision into every corner of the website.  You will notice in the slideshow on the left that we added lots of pictures of people enjoying themselves and intentionally used headlines that are more conversational.

By the end of the project we were able to give them a great looking website that told their story of being a hub for the local community.

jordan elizabeth harris foundation

The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation is an incredible light for those struggling with depression and suicide based out of the Fort Worth, TX area. They not only offer help to those in the midst of the darkness, but provide support and training to those wanting to help their loved ones. 

There were two major goals to accomplish in their web redesign. The first was developing an easy experience for those trying to locate the various tools & resources they had available. We tackled this by simplifying the user experience through a Resource Center.  Here people can find access to all the various services and resources JEH had to offer.

The second major goal was to inject their vision of hope to those accessing the website. You can notice the banner shot we chose of a contemplative woman looking out over a scene with sunlight breaking through. It is a powerful image that communicates the central message of JEH, “Shining a Light on Depression and Suicide.”

dightman capital

Dightman Capital is a wealth management firm with a with a unique focus on individual attention and custom strategy.  Brian Dightman (founder) routinely is on the phone with his clients answering the real life questions they have about investment opportunities.

The challenge for Dightman Capital was two-fold.  First, the website needed an update. This was a strategic decision, because they wanted to begin the process of shifting of generating leads online.  Second, we needed to identify what was truly unique about choosing Dightman Capital.  Kansas City is a hub for big wealth management firms, so we needed to highlight the value of having someone you can actually get on the phone with to get answers.

We developed the communication idea of “Wealth Management That Goes The Extra Mile”.  This encompassed the heartbeat behind why the business exists and what it currently has to offer.

elite velocity program

The Elite Velocity Program is a digital business offering an incredible solution to increasing baseball players throwing velocity.  They have had a lot of success transforming young baseball player’s arm strength.

Working with EVP was unique in that we didn’t only redesign their website, but also had the opportunity to transform their branding.  We developed the new logo, color pallet, and lightning bolt icon to give the a fresh look.  The combination of web design and branding offered a much better first impression of the powerful solutions EVP has to offer.

*EVP has changed its sales concept and as such the sight looks significantly different than its initial iteration.  It remains an example of what we are capable of doing in brand enhancement.

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