Most frequently asked questions and answers.

#1 – Initial Consultation

The process starts with you reaching out through the contact form or email. From there we discuss your project, time table, vision, and inspirations. Then we send you the proposal for the project. Once agreed upon, you will receive a contract, the initial invoice (1/2 the price of the project), and preparation documents.

#2 – Client Preparation

For the process to go smoothly there is a bit of homework that needs to be done on your end. This includes branding files, pictures, and written copy describing your business. Once these documents are handed over we are ready to get to work.

#3 – Initial Designs

We will create the initial page designs based on the information gathered from our discussions. You will be able to get the creative feel of the web design from these initial pages. Here we will review, discuss slight changes, and sign off on the remainder of the project.

#4 – Complete Web Design

We will take the feed back from the initial design phase and complete the remainder of the website. There will be a bit of back and forth as we uncover elements that require your feedback and participation. It is really important that you are timely in your responses, because it will dictate the speed of the project.

A typical site takes 4-6 weeks from start to finish. I schedule a minimum of clients per month to make sure I can dedicate enough time to your project. Of course, the timeline does depend a lot on how prepared you are and how quickly you are able to respond at each stage with feedback.

We’ll take two payments: 50% when we start, and 50% before making the site live. We take payment via credit card or check. You will receive an electronic invoice that includes the option to pay with either method.

You have the option of having your website built on either Squarespace or WordPress. They each have their advantages. Squarespace is very easy for non-technical business owners to maintain.  Wordpress offers an incredible assortment of customization.

#1 – Domain name

Domain names run from $10-20 per year. You will need to renew this each year to keep it yours. Some hosting providers provide a complimentary domain name, meaning there would be no additional cost.

#2 – Hosting

This is the server where your website lives and allows the internet to find and display your site. This costs from $80-170 per year.  

#3 -Elementor Pro License

This is an expense only if you choose to have your website built on WordPress.  An Elementor Pro personal license is a one-time fee of $39. This tool will greatly simplify your ability to maintain and customize your site. This includes one year of support and updates from Elementor.

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